How it Works

  • Register with WWV
  • Login and enter your child's date of birth
  • WWW will calculate your child's vaccination dates based on his/her date of birth, as per the recommendations of the Indian Government.
  • WWV will send email and sms reminder to both parents BEFORE the vaccination date
  • Immediately AFTER the vaccination date, WWV will call to confirmation if your child has been vaccinated
  • If for some reason your child misses the vaccination due date, WWV will reschedule the confirmation phone call to make sure your child receives the vaccination
  • Only when you confirm that you have gotten your child vaccinated will WWV relent
  • Synchronously, WWV will keep an up-to-date record of your child's vaccination dates and recommended schedules – so that all the information you need is just one click away!

At WWV, we ensure your child's on-time vaccination because we know it is an important process, although a bit tedious, to keep track of all the schedules and dates.Our unique system will make sure that your child never misses another vaccine, ever- our multiple-reminder approach will relentlessly work towards this.

Join us today and rest assured that your child is vaccinated and protected on time; every single time.