Why Vaccinate

As parents, it is only natural to be concerned about keeping our children healthy and safe. And it is only wise to adopt a proactive approach towards their health rather than a reactive one; preventing diseases and infections works much better than having to treat them. This is where vaccination comes into the picture.

Vaccination is a sure-fire, globally proven and accepted method of protecting our children against illnesses by preparing their bodies to fight them. As newborns, our babies are immune to a variety of diseases, given that they acquire antibodies from their mothers.

However, as they grow up, this innate resistance diminishes in power, making infants susceptible to infection and diseases. Even though breast-feeding is proven to prevent some diseases, it is rendered ineffective against many serious diseases, which can be prevented by immunising the baby via vaccination.

Immunising, therefore, helps to strengthen the body's resistance and, in simple words, saves lives. A number of seemingly harmless diseases can be fatal during infancy; and going by official statistics, a staggering number of babies are exposed to this threat. As responsible parents, it is our duty to immunise our children, ensuring a healthy, fulfilling life ahead for them.

Don't Delay It

Vaccination, without a doubt, is essential. However, what is even more vital is that we vaccinate our children on time. The importance of timely vaccination cannot be stressed enough, as delays or missing out on vaccination can impair a child's resistance against infections even though he/she might have been vaccinated in the past.

Thus, a child who has missed out vaccinations is probably just as vulnerable to infections as one who has never been vaccinated, if not slightly better.

In simple terms, vaccines are weakened or killed microorganisms that normally cause infections and diseases. Since they are weakened or killed, once the vaccine is administered, these microorganisms stimulate a child's immune system to react as if there were a real infection.

The immune system then stores information about the pathogens and remembers it if in case a real infection should arise, defending and protecting your child - simply due to the vaccine.

In the absence of vaccination, the body's immune system would be unable to fight the disease, posing a serious threat to your child's health.When you delay your child's vaccination, for any reason, you widen the critical period wherein your child is most vulnerable to vaccine-preventable infections and diseases. Delaying vaccination opens up avenues for pathogens to infect your child, as your child is essentially unprotected during this period.

The most precious gift parents can give their children is a healthy, disease-free life – and timely vaccination helps you in this very endeavour. Vaccinating our children on time, in many ways, is symbolic to the love and concern we have for our children and a promise of ensuring a hale and hearty life for them in the future.

Don't be one of those parents who wish to give their children the best of everything, but overlook something as basic but as critical as timely vaccination. Join us today! Make sure your child is vaccinated and protected on time; every single time.

  • Vaccines work best when administered as per schedule – on time!
  • Timely vaccination saves lives, and gives your child the gift of healthy life. Don't delay it!
  • Delaying, missing or skipping vaccinations is almost as bad as not vaccinating at all.
  • The more you delay vaccination, the more your child remains unprotected and susceptible to infections.
  • Be responsible - Vaccinate your child on time, every single time!