It is recommended that a child receives 32 doses of vaccination against 14 most dangerous, and sometimes fatal, infectious diseases till he/she is two years of age. Beyond that, the frequency of vaccination decreases, making them prone to being skipped!

Vaccination schedules are ideally designed to protect our children when they are most vulnerable to diseases – during infancy. Delaying or missing out on vaccines could thus be potentially life threatening for them.

We do understand that as parents, we will ensure that our children and vaccinated on time. However, as the baby grows up, the gaps between vaccinations increase and research has shown that delays and missing out on vaccines during this phase are very common, no matter how vigilant parents try to be.

We are here to 'fill the gap', relentlessly reminding you to vaccinate your child, because we don't just say it – we actually care.

We, at WWV, take it upon ourselves to make sure that your child is vaccinated - on time, every single time.